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PP packaging tape

PP packaging tape

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Polypropylene (strepping) band is an indispensable packaging material for stacking goods, tightening and tying packaging, as well as for securing cargo on pallets.

 Small specific gravity, high tensile strength, high elasticity, low cost, relative simplicity of working with pp tape are the reasons why strepping tape is so popular all over the world.

Polypropylene band can be fastened:

1) packaging using a buckle - the ends of the polypropylene band are threaded into a wire buckle, the band is pulled tightly clasping the buckle.

2) packaging with metal clamps - the ends of the strapping band are fastened with metal staples; the clamp is tightly crimped with a special tool.

3) packaging using welding - the fastest way to polypropylene band. Welding is carried out by heating the strapping band by the friction method or by the heating element. For welding bands use automatic or semi-automatic packaging equipment. This type of fastening is suitable for packing large volumes of goods.

To protect the edge of the package using:  cardboard corners or plastic corners.

Standard sizes of bands in our range:

6mm * 0.55mm and 9mm * 0.55mm - breaking load of  80 - 110 kg:

used for light packaging, for cardboard, paper and other printing products.

12mm * 0.6mm and 12mm * 0.8mm - breaking load 140-200 kg:

for boxes, printing products, for textiles and food products.

16mm * 0.6mm, 16mm * 0.8mm, 16mm * 1.0mm - breaking load 220 - 330 kg:

Construction and decoration materials, cable products, household appliances, metal.

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