Double sided foam tape HPX FM201GT
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50.00 mdl

NEW !!!

is an economy class foam tape.

Designed as a replacement for the HPX 21388, it has a green polymer backing and a roll length reduced to 25 m.

 Is an economy-class adhesive tape, designed primarily for the installation of products that are exposed to direct sunlight (UV radiation) and shear forces.

Widely used in merchandising. Also used for pre-fixation in furniture manufacturing and mirror gluing.

Suitable for external use. Withstands high temperatures that occur when exposed to direct sunlight. Resistant to moisture and cold.


Plastics, cardboard, metal, glass. Materials can be glued together in any combination.

Application examples:

Merchandising and advertising:

bonding of POS materials at points of sale (shelftalkers, stoppers, wobblers);

installation of plastic holders for goods on the glass of shop windows of kiosks, shops.


installation of cable channels with electric wires on the walls inside and outside the premises.

Furniture industry:

preliminary installation of mirrors on laminated chipboard with the use of adhesive sealant. The tape pre-fixes the mirror during gluing and ensures uniform distribution of glue on the surface of the mirror


Instructions for use:

Glue at a temperature of +15 to + 30˚С

The surface must be clean, dry and fat free. Use isopropyl alcohol for degreasing.

After application, press the tape as tightly as possible with your hand for 2 seconds to activate the adhesive layer and leave it for 24 hours to achieve maximum adhesion.