HPX DS1905 MIRROR MOUNTING Double sided foam tape 1.1 mm
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60.00 mdl

HPX DS1905 MIRROR MOUNTING - double-sided foam adhesive tape for mounting mirrors 

Width - 19 mm 

Length - 5 m  

Thickness - 1.1 mm

Professional foam double-sided mounting tape for permanent installation of mirrors in bathrooms, hallways and office rooms.

Also great for mounting hooks, decor elements, paintings, cable channels and other objects inside and outside the premises (address plates, mailboxes, etc.).

Replaces self-tapping screws, nails, rivets, welds and liquid glue.

For 1 kg of weight, it is recommended to use 65 cm2 tape

Perfectly glues to treated wood, laminate, ceramic tiles, chipboard, primed concrete. As well as glass, metal and plastics.

Suitable for smooth and rough surfaces.

It is used both indoors and outdoors. 

Resistant to moisture and UV rays.

For long term connections. 

Provides a strong connection for more than 15 years.

It is not recommended to glue on drywall, painted walls, wallpapers, porous surfaces (since these surfaces do not withstand the gravity of mirrors and exfoliate).


These recommendations are based on the experience of our employees, provided for informational purposes and are not an official guarantee. 

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