SCROLL "PTFE" teflon tape 0.18mm
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90.00 mdl

SCROLL "PTFE" - Teflon tape coated with silicone glue, a total thickness of 180 microns is intended for use as insulation, non-stick and anti-adhesive materials in industrial equipment.

Teflon tape is widely used in packaging equipment, as a non-stick coating.

Teflon adhesive tape is used in the food industry, printing and many other industries as a slippery coating.

SCROLL "PTFE" adhesive tape is used for insulation and repair of electrical cables, for heat-resistant connection of harnesses in inductors, thermo and electrical insulation of wire leads.

The main advantages of teflon tapes:

heat resistance (-60С + 260С)

excellent thermal conductivity

chemical inertness, contact with food is allowed

resistance to chemicals and aggressive environments;

high dielectric properties;

low coefficient of friction;

resistance to external influences;