HPX HSA 32121 Double sided acrilic tape transparent 1mm
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150.00 mdl

HPX HSA 32121 is a high-strength acrylic tape (adhesive tape) for long-term bonding of parts that are used indoors and outdoors. The tape replaces mechanical fasteners (rivets, hardware, etc.), as well as liquid adhesives, "liquid nails" and other types of permanent fastening.

HPX HSA 32121 can be used on uneven and slightly rough surfaces. The tape covers surface irregularities up to 0.5 mm.

The tape is resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation, aging and is intended primarily for heavily loaded compounds.

The peculiarity of HPX acrylic tapes is that they are removed from the surface without adhesive residues and without damaging the surface itself.


Metal, plastics, wood, glass. Materials can be glued together in any combination.

 Application examples:

 Merchandising and advertising:

production of POS materials, displays, trade equipment;

installation of advertising at points of sale;

temporary placement of advertising, where subsequently it must be removed without a trace, for example, advertising on household appliances;

installation and assembly of light boxes.


car body repair (installation of moldings, emblems, linings);

installation of sensors in a car, including and rain sensors.


use as a transparent silicone sealant and sealing between glasses when installing glass partitions;

gluing glass into the furniture profile, gluing decorative elements, plates to glass doors, the manufacture of glass furniture;

fastening of shutters, blinds.

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