HPX 6200 Duct tape
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HPX 6200 - High Quality Repair Tape


The HPX 6200, a high-quality fabric-based reinforced duct tape - the most popular repair tape in Europe - will help out in almost any situation where surface damage needs to be repaired.

For temporary and permanent repair, banding, fastening.

Very sticky and durable, does not tear and does not stretch under tension.

Easy to tear off manually.

It is waterproof, resistant to weather conditions, rust, physical tension and abrasion.

Withstands temperatures up to 80 ° C.

It is applied indoors and outdoors.

It adheres well to fabrics, plastic, glass, films, ceramics, metal.

Application examples:

tourism and outdoor activities: repair of tents, hammocks, tourist chairs, damage to outerwear, backpacks, rubber boats, mattresses, pools

gardening: repair of garden hoses, installation of nets for hedges and climbing plants on any kind of surface, tying bushes and trees

plumbing: eliminating leaks, strengthening joints and pipe seams

electrician: additional sealing of couplings and electrical contacts

heating and air conditioning: sealing ducts, air ducts, pipe insulation

car repair: protection of adjacent parts during polishing 

show business: installation of stage constructions, quick installation of floor coverings

refrigeration equipment: sealing joints to improve energy efficiency.

Available colors: silver, black

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