Vacuum bag 80*110
în stoc
41.00 mdl

Vacuum bags are a super tool for the rational use of living space!

The main advantage of vacuum bags for storing things and clothes is their ability to reduce the volume of things placed in packages up to 75%.

Vacuum bags during storage are tightly closed.

This means that the clothes that are stored in them are perfectly protected from dust, dirt, moisture, mold, moisture and harmful insects.

They are great for seasonal storage.

In the fall, they will contain an unnecessary summer wardrobe.

In the spring, it is convenient to remove heavy winter sweaters, scarves and hats, sheepskin coats and jackets, warm blankets in them.

A prerequisite for using these packages: the presence of (even the simplest) vacuum cleaner, through which air is removed from the package through a special valve.

From now on, overcrowded wardrobes and a catastrophic lack of space in the house can be forgotten forever!