Double sided acrilic tape SCROLL
în stoc
60.00 mdl

Very high bond double-sided tape SCROLL 

It is constructed of a clear foamed acrylic system which has excellent bonding properties. Tape is carried on a red release coated polyethylene liner. 

Very high bond double sided tape SCROLL is proven alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other forms of mechanical fasteners. It is great for bonding clear materials to glass, hanging decorations, pictures, banners, mirrors, hooks etc.


Clean the surface with an IPA/water mixture. After removing the release liner be careful not to contaminate the acrylic adhesive and try to bond immediately the tape to the surface without entrapping air between the tape and the surface it is being applied to. In order to achieve maximum bond strength press at the bond line during 20-30 seconds. Typically apply at more than 10 C, otherwise take the blow dryer and heat the area. Upper temperature range – 40C.

This tape is very strong, but also removable. If you want to remove the tape easily with no residue or damage to the mounting surface, leave a free strip of the tape while applying it. The adhesive is stretchable and allows you to remove the entire assembly by pulling the tab in a downward motion.

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