HPX 34100 Multi Tack Double sided adeziv reinforced tape 0.8 mm
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104.00 mdl

HPX 34100 Multi Tack Tape 

Industrial transparent double-sided mounting tape (adhesive tape) with a reinforced mesh for fastening heavy elements without drilling. It is also used for reliable connection of components during the assembly of industrial goods instead of glue.

Tape 34100 MultiTack is characterized by extremely high adhesion to various materials and provides instant installation on smooth, rough and rough surfaces. Operation of the product can begin immediately after installation.

Installation can be carried out at temperatures above + 5 ° C.

Bonding materials:

Plastics, composite, metal, glass, plaster, polypropylene / polyethylene, painted surfaces, treated wood. Materials can be glued together in any combination.

Application examples:

Merchandising and advertising:

immediate installation of advertising at points of sale;

bonding of POS materials and displays;

production of commercial equipment.

Construction and furniture:

installation of decorative elements in the manufacture of furniture;

installation of plates, hooks and decorative elements.

Electrics and communications:

installation of cable channels.


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