HPX POWER BOND Double sided acrilic tape 1.1 mm
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60.00 mdl

POWER BOND - HPX Heavy Duty Automotive Double-Sided Adhesive Tape  

Professional black acrylic auto tape for permanent installation of profiles (including heavy ones), signs, holders for mobile devices, rear-view mirrors, registrars, etc.

The initial tack allows you to accurately position the part (repositioning). Provides a very durable connection after 12 hours.

Provides seamless installation on black surfaces.

Replaces traditional mechanical mounting methods (rivets, screws, welds)

Very elastic, high strength - withstands heavy loads.

Suitable for smooth and rough surfaces. It adheres well to metals, glass and most plastics.

Used inside and outside the car. Resistant to weather, road salt, chemicals, solvents and moisture. Withstands any car wash.

It does not leave glue when removed.

Designed for long-term connections. Does not lose connection strength for more than 15 years.

OEM quality (quality corresponds to the factory original).

Napkin for degreasing the surface - included.

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