HPX 21551 Double sided foam tape 3 mm
în stoc
45.00 mdl

HPX 21551 UNIFIX - 3mm thick white foam adhesive tape  - allows you to instantly stick virtually any object to any surface in the room.

Widely used in construction and repair. The tape perfectly compensates for small gaps, irregularities and errors between glued surfaces - it is indispensable for joining surfaces with a loose fit: rough surfaces, long parts with a fitting error (skirting boards, profiles, panels, overlays, etc.).

The tape is widely used for household needs, in particular, for joining rough and rough surfaces or for creating fasteners in which a gap is required between the surfaces (including decor, handmade handmade postcards, pockets, etc.).


Plastic, cardboard, metal, glass. Materials can be glued together in any combination.

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