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Printed packaging tapes provide a range of benefits from one purchase:

  • printed tape prevents tampering of your products
  • printed tape reduces pilferage, it cannot be broken or released without detection, offering peace of mind when transporting goods
  • printed tape gives identification to your goods, whether it's a caution message or handling information, eye catching company colours or large clear information. You can buy plain cartons and use different printed tapes for identification.
  • printed tape, made from high quality raw materials, seals firmly cartons with your goods
  • printed tape is attractive, looks professional and promotes your company and brand from the time the carton leaves your facility until it reaches the consumer

We supply manufacturing printed tape using 2 methods: surface method (flexographic printing) and sandwich method.

Surface method.

Print is applied to the film and protected with a layer of varnish. Flexographic printing uses flexible printing plates made of rubber or plastic. The inked plates with a slightly raised image are rotated on a cylinder wich transfers the image to the substrate. The image is printed as the substrate is pulled through a series of printing units. Each print unit is printing a single colour. After the substrate has been printed with all the colours the finished product is then slit and rewound according to required specifications (width and length).

Benefits of surface method:

  • delivery in short terms (usually within 14 days of order confirmation)
  • small minimum quantity (144 standart rolls 48mm*66m)
  • reduced cost of printing plates

Sandwich method.

Print is applied to the film before the adhesive. Sanwich printing uses steel shaft with laser engraving. It's time of service is almost unlimited. This method ensures a better quality, total protection of printing during transportation and loading-unloading works.

Benefits of sandwich method:

  • high quality of printed image
  • low cost of adhesive tape rolls

Minimum guantity is 1200 standart rolls (48mm*66m). Delivery within 60 days of order confirmation.

Printed tape is very easy to order. Just send us a copy or description of your logo/design and our designer will do the rest.

White 48mm*90m