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Stretch wrap film

Stretch wrap film

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Wrap stretch is a highly stretchable film, that is wrapped around the items. It is made from linear low-density polyethylene resins. Stretch films are actually 5 layers (co-extrusions) of film each with a specific purpose or feature associated.

Wrap film is frequently used to unitize pallet loads, but also may be used for bundling smaller items

In pallet unitizing it ensures improved stability of packages, more efficient handling and storage of loads. 

Also it protects your goods from dust and moisture and provides some degree of resistance to package pilferage.

Stretch films the most cost-effective way to keep loads secured.

It has good self adhesion, excellent puncture and tearing resistance.

Stretch film with 17 microns total thickness is commonly used for securing ordinary loads.

Film with thickness of 20 microns and 23 microns is recommended for large-size, heavy loads with sharp edges.

Types of stretch film include manual stretch film and machine stretch film.

Hand (manual) wrap stretch film, that you can fond at our company, requires an operator to attach the film to the load and then proceed to unwind the stretch film as he circles the load. 

The operator also must apply the required tension to the film to ensure enough wrapping force is applied to contain and unitize the load. 

A simple and convenient manual stretch film wrapper may be used either. 

Manual stretch film rolls are lighter and shorter than machine rolls allowing easier of use for the operator. 

Usually film's weight per roll is about 2 kg. 

Hand wrapping has limited production speed, not more than 5 pallets per hour. 

But it is inexpensive for the low volume application and doesn't require a capital investment in special equipment.

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